What would you think if we pointed at a dog and said ‘it’s not talented enough to bark’? Wouldn’t you think we were out of our minds? Well then, why would you think of yourself as not being talented enough to speak a language?

Just like any dog is incredibly capable of barking (it’s natural!), any human being is equally gifted for speaking languages – that’s part of our nature!

You’re wondering now how it is that you’ve been studying Italian, French, Spanish or Finnish for ages with poor results? From our point of view, you’ve been ‘barking’ up the wrong tree!

Do you remember when you were one or two years old? Did your parents put their teaching cap on and give you grammar lessons? Fortunately not! Because your body (yes we said ‘body’: your brain stores and elaborates information, but it’s your body that acquires it) learns in a completely different way.

It’s actually in this way that H3AL offers languages to people who want to learn them as they learnt their own native one. To describe how and why H3AL works, several volumes would be needed (they’re under construction!), whilst its application is very easy, quick and effective.


The courses are aimed at whoever wants to learn or to improve a language. Students and teachers meet for two hour weekly lessons. A minimum of 10 lessons (20 hours) is required. Beyond this, the number of lessons varies at discretion of the students, remembering that 50 lessons (100 hours) are sufficient to pass from a beginners level to an intermediate-advanced level and prepare for a test.

Type of courses:

Courses can be individual or semi-individual (maximum 4 people starting from a beginners level, maximum 3 people starting from an intermediate or advanced level; maximum 6 people for the AD HOC courses). University training has a dedicated protocol.

Costs (prices are related to STANDARD courses, and rise slightly for the other courses): 70€/hour for individuals; 40€/hour per person for 2 people; 30€/hour per person for 3 o 4 people.

Languages already available:

English for French, Italian or Spanish speakers

Italian for English, French or Spanish speakers

French for English, Italian or Spanish speakers