Bowen and H3AL trigger the body to self-repair at its best; as far as we can observe, this happens through a re-balance of the Extracellular Matrix.

Here are some results we observe in our practice:

quick induction of a parasympathetic fase

reduction of oxidative stress

improved skin quality and elasticity

improved sleep quality

correction of posture and of musculoskeletal conditions

reduction or complete correction of scoliosis and kyphosis

complete correction of coccyx impairment

significant decrease of or complete recovery from:

fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

carpal tunnel syndrome

sport injuries

ear and TMJ disorders, including TMJ click

impairment in tongue placement, in teeth placement and in palatal morphology

headache and migraine


respiratory diseases

cardiovascular diseases

digestive, hepatic, renal or intestinal diseases and bladder diseases

endocrine disorders and reproductive system disorders

anxiety, depression, panic

monitoring with an EEG the impaired brain activity of an epileptic subject with a lesion in the left hemisphere, we could see the brain activity becoming perfectly normal during and after a Bowen application within a H3AL protocol

a significant improvement in sport performances is observed - an objective parameter is a better personal record; when a whole team undergoes a treatment, a significant collective performance improvement is observed: an Irish soccer team, treated intermittently before matches for a period of two years, won every match preceded by a Bowen session and was promoted in first league

children diagnosed with learning disabilities can read and write properly after about a month of Bowen and a specific H3AL protocol treatment

two Italian students preparing for the IELTS test progressed from A1 level to a B2+ level and a B2+/C1 level and passed their IELTS with a grade of 5.5 (B2+) in one case and 6 (B2+/C1) in the other, all in a 100-hour course (with very little homework), test preparation included

people working with creative jobs often report a creative burst in the very first days after a treatment

The mind that opens to a new idea
never returns to its original size
- Albert Einstein