The Four Top Tips

Four top tips to keep the Extracellular Matrix healthy.

Keep the ECM well hydrated: you can easily do that by drinking two liters of still water per day. Other liquids would do too, but they should be consumed in addition to, and not instead of, the two liters of water.

Sleep a lot, as sleep deprivation alter our metabolism and hinder the elimination of toxins, thus inducing the ECM deterioration we wrote about earlier.

Avoid prolonged exposure to toxic agents and artificial electromagnetic fields. They might slow down the fase transition in the ECM fluid component.

Put an end to lingering problems. The frustrating feeling of being stuck in a (physical or mental) space we don’t like as it is, but we think we cannot change or leave, creates the chronic stress that prevents the good functioning of the ECM. Problems, especially complex ones, can be per se a good news: we are biologically and cognitively well equipped to solve them; besides, finding a solution bursts our confidence and makes us happy. On the other end, we are unable to endure a long-lasting lack of solution. That’s why we need to challenge the apparently unsolvable aspects of our problems: we can shift our perspective, stop thinking that it’s always our fault, or we’re always right, or that’s always their fault, look for a second opinion, ask for help and, above all, change the silly idea that we need to be stuck forever in an unhappy and unsatisfactory space. If the problem is a fairly huge one, we can try and break it in smaller pieces: each one of them may look easier to solve. How about giving a chance to Einstein’s advice, and change the strategies we already tried and proved themselves wrong? As he famously said, «The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results».