We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein


All multicellular organisms have a ‘mainframe’: it is the structure formed by water, carbohydrates and proteins that its cells build around themselves in order to live in symbiosis. This complex structure is called Extracellular Matrix (ECM in the standard international scientific abbreviation).

The health of our body, as well as the quality of our physical and cognitive abilities, rely on the good functioning of the ECM.

A bad ECM functioning happen when we undergo a chronic stress. But, as severe as it might be, this is a reversible condition.

A cancer cell put in a healthy ECM becomes healthy again (Bissell). Injections of young plasma (i.e., the ECM in bloodstream) can cure Alzheimer in mice and can rejuvenate them (Wyss-Coray).

Similar results can be obtained through the Bowen and Bowen H3AL protocols.